Joan Bachenko

Co-founder and CEO, Deception Discovery Technologies, LLC (DDT). Minneapolis, MN. Joan's research and development focus is on automated natural language processing systems for detection of deception in text and speech.

Joan is also an adjunct faculty member  at Montclair State University in Montclair, NJ, where she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in the Linguistics Department and supervises DDT-funded research on deception indicators.  She is founder and president of Linguistech Consortium, Inc. in Oxford, NJ, a complany that specializes in consulting on speech and language technologies.

Joan's background includes an appointment to the Graduate School Faculty, College of Arts&Sciences at the University of Minnesota, where she taught natural language processing and served on Ph.D. dissertation committees.  She was  also co-founder, member of the Board and VP of Research at Linguistic Technologies, Inc. (LTI) in St. Peter, MN.  At LTI, her technical work focused on telephone-based speech recognition for a large scale medical dictation system developed by LTI.  The company was acquired for cash by Lernout&Hauspie in January, 2000.  Prior to her work at LTI, Joan was a Member of Technical Staff, Information Principles Research Laboratory at AT&T Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, NJ.  Before that she worked as a Linguistics Specialist for the Computer Systems Branch at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C.

Michael Schonwetter

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Deception Discovery Technologies, LLC (DDT). Michael has had extensive experience in new company development and technology innovation.  His current research focus is on data acquisition, experiment design and human-computer interfaces.  He is currently working on novel approaches to system design and development for DDT's effort in automatic detection of language-based deception.

Michael is also Founder and President of Synchron Voice and Video, Inc., a national litigation support company specializing in high-quality video MPEG encoding, transcript synchronization, and forensic audio processing. Audio source files for the Synchron system consist of recordings of legal depositions, police interrogations, telephone line taps, and corporate videos. Synchron provides synchronization of text and audio as well as text and audio-visual media for thousands of documents annually.

Prior to founding Synchron, Michael was at Linguistic Technologies, Inc, an automated speech recognition and medical transcription company.  His primary roles at LTI were Information Systems Manager for the entire company and Research Associate in the Edina Research Group  He was also a LTI investor.

Michael was Senior Systems Consultant for Inacom Information Systems, a computer networking company in Minneapolis, MN.  He also held several positions at Weight Watchers of Upper Midwest, Inc. including Manager and Director of MIS, Director of New Business Development and Manager of Marketing.